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forjohanna konta. the weather is good and the action is underway and it will be fascinating and by the end of the day we have the quarterfinal line—ups complete and there might be two british players in it. we will see. time for a look at the weather, here's ben rich. much more changeable through the week ahead, some real ups and downs in the forecast. one thing heading down is the temperature, some cooler days and fresher nights too, especially in the south where it has been so warm and humid. some rain at times, but still some spells of sunshine and there has been sunshine so sunshine and there has been sunshine so far today, that is a picture from shetland. the shower clouds have been building further east and west and we have had some big showers and thunderstorms that have affected the near continent and there has been flooding in paris because of the thunderstorms. some of them had been very close to the south—east of england. we will grow some of our own thunderstorms, through east anglia and the south—east, scattered
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downpours. further west, a fair amount of cloud but a fair amount of sunshine. the best for scotland will be around coastal areas. similar story for northern ireland. it is a fairly cool and fresh feel to the weather. some sunny spells in england. and for wales and the south west, temperatures between 15—19 and a mixture of sunshine and cloud but a mixture of sunshine and cloud but a there could be some quite poor travelling conditions if you catch some of the rain and there could be a shower at wimbledon. as we go through the evening, some of the showers will continue, for the rush—hour in the south—eastern areas, some tricky travelling conditions and then through the night across england and wales things will cloud over and there will be patchy rain, but largely dry in scotland and northern ireland. we have not seen a area of low pressure
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for one, but this is coming and it is hard to work out its exact track, it may go further north and there is some uncertainty over how much rain we some uncertainty over how much rain we will get. it will turn increasingly wet for some areas tomorrow. northern ireland mixture of sunshine and showers. where ever you are, the cooler and fresher feel will be apparent. the area of low pressure will feel through —— will move through the southern half of the country and then it will clear away, and not a bad day on wednesday, spells of sunshine. but it will feel decidedly cool poster north sea coasts, and even further west, 19—20 is the best we can expect. thursday looks like we will have a band of showers working from west to east and friday should be a largely friday. quite a changeable we largely friday. quite a changeable we get —— a largely dry day. the
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temperatures heading down, it is a cooler feel on the way. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime: the high court is to hear fresh medical evidence in the case of terminally—ill baby charlie gard. his parents hope it will mean he can try experimental treatment in the united states. that's all from the bbc news at one. so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. and a weekly to today and they all the club with high hopes for the british quarterfinalist. 1973 was the last time there was at least one man and one woman involved. if you
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is at wimbledon. they call it a manic monday but things a little bit more simian into week two. the some cloud overhead and a nice breeze. the weather has dipped a little bit but things might be heating up with andy murray in action." onejohanna konta is taking on the french player garcia. she broke in the very first game of the match. and she currently leads by four games to two. she is playing the 21st seed caroline garcia. she started very well indeed and is looking to make it through. it isa and is looking to make it through. it is a long time since ensurejulie __j° it is a long time since ensurejulie —— jo durie. andy murray has it is a long time since ensurejulie ——jo durie. andy murray has had a very good week. his opponent has
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only dropped 16 games in his last few matches. he thinks he could be a very tricky customer indeed. few matches. he thinks he could be a very tricky customer indeedi few matches. he thinks he could be a very tricky customer indeed. i just think his farm is not quite there yet but today he is drawn against a very fla m boya nt yet but today he is drawn against a very flamboyant french player who on his day is dangerous. would andy murray have taken the store and the last 16 at wimbledon? absolutely. for me he will get through today. it will be covered times but he should be the last 16 at wimbledon. we're looking at a big things from andy murray and johanna konta and marcus willis who is on the third round of the men's doubles. they have not started to well having lost the first two sets but did it come from two sets down in their opening match of the tournament to get that win and it is currently six each in the third set so looking in the tie—break to try and recover and save the match. they are taking on the number 16 seeds from croatia. a
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lot for them to do they are good comeback but so far so good and the four games comeback but so far so good and the fourgames up to comeback but so far so good and the four games up to three in the third set. johanna konta on centre court with andy murray to come. and monday is a rest day on the tour de france — chris froome still holds the yellow jersey as the race leader — but it's one of the men who crashed out on sunday's dramatic stage... getting the social media headlines. geraint thomas posted this picture, of his ripped team skyjersey.... of his ripped team skyjersey... after sunday's fall — in which he broke a collar bone with the words ‘only worn once. not in 100% condition, slight signs of use. might need a wash. thomas said he'll go back to cardiff for surgery and is looking forward to going to the pub! the boys are a real good group and
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they will pull together now. i have every confidence they will do the job andi every confidence they will do the job and i will watch. hopefully the boys can do us proud. even without geraint yesterday, he crashed fairly early on, the team is extremely capable. he is three riders in one, the way he is pulling at the moment. i think you should be riding for him. he is so strong at the moment so him. he is so strong at the moment so he's doing a massive job for the team, as the rest of my team—mates are. everyone is upped their game and listen to the occasion of defending the yellow jersey. and listen to the occasion of defending the yellowjersey. that is all the smoke for know we will be backin all the smoke for know we will be back in an hour. —— sport. theresa
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may and her australian counterpart malcolm turnbull will be due to speak very sharply to the press after meeting have this morning. the first official visit by malcolm turnbull to the uk as prime minister. he will have an audience with the queen and meetings with other ministers but this is specifically between theresa may and mark, turnbull as regards their meeting this morning. we will return to downing street shortly. in the next half hour the parents of charlie gard will return to the high court — as fresh medical evidence will be heard about their terminally ill son, who is being cared for at great ormond street hospital. doctors will ask the judges to evaluate an experimental his mother said watching was hoping
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for charlie on the today programme this morning. there are 18 children currently on the medication. they all have mitochondrial depletion system as well as charlie but theirs is caused by a slightly different gene. they're all getting stronger. you're bypassing the normal chemical reactions that happen in the cell. you're going right to the end, which is what the cell normally does, and that's producing nucleosides. you're giving the body nucleosides and then you're increasing the mitochondrial dna. so charlie should get his strength back, if it works. we've got around 50% chance of it crossing the blood—brain barrier, so that means getting into his brain, because his brain is affected. he's not brain—dead. he still has brainwaves but they're slower than they should be. they are not normal for his age. but, yeah, it has a good chance of crossing the blood—brain barrier and that's what the new research is about. we now have seven doctors supporting us. two from america, two from italy, one from england and two from spain. they all specialise in mitochondrial depletion syndrome. at great ormond street they have a lot of specialities under one roof but they don't have
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anyone who specialises in charlie's specific disease. i know that structural damage is irreversible, although there have been cases where even that is reversible. we expect that the structural damage is irreversible but i am yet to see something that tells me my son has got irreversible structural brain damage. do you have any sense throughout this process about whether or not he is suffering? i wouldn't be able to sit there and watch my son suffer or be in pain, i promise you that. a lot of people say, "i couldn't do it. i couldn't watch my child suffer." neither could i. he still gets enjoyment. he doesn't have the best life at the moment because he is stuck in a bed. to live to downing street for a
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meeting of theresa may and malcolm turnbull. at the terror tactic to borough murky a people lost their lives including two as trillions. we pay tribute to the bravery of the police and emergency services who undoubtedly prevented further loss of life and the heroism of local business owners who shielded people from the terrace. i am grateful to malcolm campbell and destroying people for the solidarity and support they are shown to the uk. at a time like this we are reminded of the ties that have bound to nations together for over a hundred years and we will continue to stand together as close allies and from friends against those who want to destroy our precious values and way of life. as the uk leaves the eu and forges a new role in the world i am clear we should take the opportunity to strengthen our close partnership with this failure so today we have talked about how we can step up our cooperation in a range of areas
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including security and defence and trade and investment on the world stage and then take each of these in turn. for over a century oui’ of these in turn. for over a century our soldiers have served together to preserve the fundamental values of freedom and democracy that we share. this did shoulder to shoulder in two world wars, in iraq and afghanistan. this month as we commemorate 100 yea rs this month as we commemorate 100 years since the battle of passchendaele we remember their service and sacrifice. we are partners in the coalition against by s. —— daesh. we have also talked about how we can address the challenge of end to end encryption and how we can counter malicious cyber activity. i ca nt
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counter malicious cyber activity. i cant intelligence agencies are looking at cybercrime and intelligence sharing partnership is central to our efforts to address the sheer threats we face. later this month our defence and foreign ministers will meet in sydney father and the role —— for the annual dialogue. we will look at how we can predict a shared interest in projector values on the world. the uk and australia and major trading partners and investors in each other‘s economic success. a strong and growing trade relationship is worth close to £14 billion. we have both made clear our intention to deepen our trade and investment relationship is the uk leaves the eu. i have made clear to prime minister turnbull that an ambitious and copperheads of bilateral trade deal with australia remains priority for the uk. australia was the first country with whom the uk established
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trade working group following the decision to leave the eu and were keeping up a regular and productive dialogue of the future of our featured in relationship. we will continue to work together to push for greater global trade liberalisation and reform and i'm pleased to confirm that liam fox the international trade secretary intends to travel to australia in the coming months as part of these talks and ahead of a further would meeting of the working group later this year. uk and astoria remained close partners international stage and we work alongside each other in the commonwealth and united nations and chi 20 to address the shared global challenges we share. the missile test in north korea last week showed the danger that regime poses to friends and allies. we are united ina poses to friends and allies. we are united in a of their continued nuclear weapons and missile tests which are in breach of united nations restrictions. we have spoken how we can step up pressure and find
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a peaceful solution to the threat north korea poses to security. australia and britain are also proud members of the commonwealth and its unique and vibrant and diverse alliance of nations and i'm delighted the uk will host the 2018 summit next april in london and winds are after the commonwealth games take place on the gold coast. —— winds are. —— windsor. we will cement the north atla ntic —— windsor. we will cement the north atlantic partnership. it is always welcome to welcome our chilean friends to london. —— australian. thank you very much, teresa. we're
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not really debating today the last time debating was at the oxford union. theresa brasier and malcolm turnbull were both on the notice board and residing was philip made. —— presiding was philip made. —— may. is trillions feel at home and in the uk and britons feel at home and australia. many as chileans have ancestry from the uk and 5% of australians were born in britain. —— australians. it is that heritage
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that founded what we know today as modern australia by successful multicultural society in the world. —— the most successful. built on the foundations of the most successful human civilisations and cultures in the world, the first australians had also built on a foundation of british history and british law and the british conception of democracy, parliamentary democracy in particular. when your institutions are attacked we feel that ours are too. when britain is attacked by terrorism we feel we are attacked as well. the attack in westminster bridge, the cruel assault on young children in the manchester arena and they attack at london bridge and the
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borough market, these were felt by this chilean people as keenly as the attacks we have suffered at home in astoria. —— the australian people. we stand shoulder to shoulder as we always have in freedom scores today to find and deplete the islamist terrorists that seek to do us harm and destroy our way of life and prevent us from living our way of life to living as we were sad. darren at the london bridge and the borough market, we were there today and we thanked the first responders. we thanked the police that rushed to the aid, unarmed police in the first instance, rushed to the aid of the people that had been injured. including two officers who performed cpr on one of the two australian
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women that were killed. we sell where kirsty bowden, the brave australian nurse who rushed out into harm 's way to help those who had been injured —— we sell. —— we saw where she was killed. we thank the emergency workers for the extraordinary systems. we were so proud, i was so proud to be with you prime minister and cressida dick, the commissioner of the metropolitan police, and thank her for the extraordinary rapid, effective and decisive action by the tactical response group who got to the scene within eight minutes and killed the terrorists before they could do even
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more harm than the dead. so whether —— and do you more harm than the dead. —— than they did. we had a very good meeting with cressida dick. cooperation is intense because it is built on trust. there are no two countries in the world trust each other more than the united kingdom and australia. we are family ina kingdom and australia. we are family in a historical sense and a genetic sense. we're so close and that trust is getting stronger all the time. it is getting stronger all the time. it is vital to defeat terrorism at home and in the middle east and writer in the world. we have talked today about the activities of daesh in the
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philippines. this is a global threat and we will cooperating collaborate everywhere. intelligence is absolutely the key. theresa, you have touched on cyber security. this was a big topic of the chi 20 where we work together to make sure we had a strong community on counterterrorism and need for a more cooperation and indeed the need to ensure that the rule of law prevails online just as it does off—line. we cannot allow the internet to be used asa cannot allow the internet to be used as a means to create dark places where terrorists cannot be found. and so the leaders of the 20 largest economies agreed there to —— and theresa and i make this case very strongly mature colleagues that we are calling on those big internet companies not only could to assist
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in taking down poisonous propaganda from the internet but also to ensure that lawful rights of access to information needed to keep our people secure are able to be e nforced people secure are able to be enforced online just as they are off—line. this is vitally important. we talked about the very dangerous situation on the korean peninsula. theresa and i have both of the one mindedness. the north korean regime must stop this dangerous and reckless conduct and its escalating dangerous conduct. we have called on all the parties to do more but in particular china which has the greatest leverage and hence the greatest leverage and hence the greatest ability to bring that reckless regime to incentives. —— to
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its senses. we have talked about the economic challenges we face and we recognise that as britain moves towards completing its exit from the european union we stand ready to enter intoa european union we stand ready to enter into a free—trade agreement with the united kingdom as soon as the uk is able to do so. once that brexit has been achieved then we look forward to speedily concluding a free—trade agreement with australia and i think we were the first on the phone to offer our support and assistance in that regard. at the same time i should say we are looking forward to the early conclusion of a free—trade agreement with the european union. my government 's position is very simply this. economic prosperity has been demonstrated to be delivered by free trade and open markets. that is
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one of the major reasons australia has at 26 years of uninterrupted economic growth. we will seek to open up every door to every market that we can. whatever our differences may be on particular sporting contests or another of our determination to triumph and regain the ashes, can i say that we believe that the bigger and wider the field that the bigger and wider the field that as chileans can run on two, the more success they will have and i know that you share that vision for britain. your vision for britain, a poster brexit britain, is one filled with optimism and it is not a counsel of despair are some people said. i know, theresa, that you believe passionately that the
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british people can do anything and can achieve anything and that you are a poster brexit britain will be are a poster brexit britain will be a britain with big horizons and big opportunities, free—trade, open markets. you are right, that is the future and that is where our prosperity has been delivered. and all that is where your prosperity in future will come. —— i know. thank you very much for your hospitality. i have been inspired by some of your reforms, in particular your reduction of company tax. you are already at 19% and heading to 17. we have made some progress in that direction but we have got away to catch up. finally can i say that it was very kind thoughts for you to invite the australian chef, the 30 year resident of london, to cook this lunch. sky 's father was a
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great television executive, in fact he was the first place on australian television in a tiny little studio in sydney when it began in 1956. bruce was a great mentor of mine and i really, really good friend, a very dear friend. he always used to say to me when i was a kid, malcolm, one day you will be prime minister. and the idea that as prime minister i am your guest for lunch at number ten downing st and his daughter has cooked as lunch is very special so thank you for that, too. and a very good lunch it was, i have to say. excellent. we will now take some questions. laura. thank you prime minister ‘s. prime minister, you
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wa nt minister ‘s. prime minister, you want the opposition to contribute as well as criticise you're expected to say tomorrow. what do you say to your own critics including those in your own critics including those in your own critics including those in your own party who say it issue that needs to change. might a new way of doing business include may be easing up doing business include may be easing up the pressure in the public sector and perhaps increasing sector pay and perhaps increasing sector pay and getting rid of the pay cap? prime minister turnbull, you say you're very keen to get on with our uk australian trade deal which also wa nt uk australian trade deal which also wantan uk australian trade deal which also want an earlier agreement with the eu. i quickly do you think you could get a deal with britain than once we leave ? get a deal with britain than once we leave? alas the second one. as soon as possible. we move quickly. as a fleet of foot. we do not map around. —— australians are fleet of foot and do not bark around. —— muck around.
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we will move as soon as britain is lawfully a ble we will move as soon as britain is lawfully able to enter a free—trade agreement and we lawfully able to enter a free—trade agreementand we are lawfully able to enter a free—trade agreement and we are working to move fa st agreement and we are working to move fast and hard to get a free—trade agreement with the eu and i discussed with donald tourist and jean—claude yunker. —— tusk and juncker. i also discussed this with angela merkel. we want to get this done before britain leaves the eu. it is key to our continued run of economic success. and on that point as well, while we remain a member of
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the eu we are continuing to press for trade deals with countries like australia and japan which reached a political agreement just a few australia and japan which reached a political agreementjust a few days ago. we are looking to get on get those deals in place as well. on the first question you asked, the government has an ambitious agenda. it is that to address the big challenges that the country at faces. one of those is getting the brexit deal right and i think people wa nt brexit deal right and i think people want us to get the bonus contest as possible and looking at those issues. i do this as home secretary and counterterrorism measures such as investigatory powers act, working with other parties. i did it on the modern slavery act, working with other parties to make sure that went onto the statute book. if you look at some of the issues we are addressing the future, mattis taylor coming out tomorrow —— matthew
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taylor's report coming out tomorrow to look at the gig economy and to look at the changing face of the world at work in the uk to make sure we have those workers protection is right. and he would not want to work to ensure that workers had the best possible rights and protections in the workplace as changes? who would not want to work with is to make sure that we have the right counterterrorism powers and capabilities in place? a number of mps have clearly identified that that happened to them. yvette cooper has been clear it is something we need to address andi it is something we need to address and i think we should work together to find a way to ensure that that sort of behaviour which was of course targeted not at candidates alone but others during the election to make sure the election message goes out that that has no role in democracy.


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